CDS Services (30kW)

Grant met with Shane to discuss solar options for CDS Services. Whilst initially requesting a ‘ball park’ figure for a solution, the discussion turned to how best deal with a ‘no capital outlay’ finance option to maximise CDS Services’ exposure to solar savings.
This option would allow CDS Services to gain the full long term benefits of solar with no capital outlay and no negative affect to the business cash flow.


Project Location
Lonsdale, SA
Solar System Type
Grid Connected
Solar System Size
System Installed
March, 2013


PV Modules
250w CNPV Poly-Crystalline
Panel Warranties
25 years performance
10 years product
SMA Tri-Power 15kW Inverter (x2)
Inverter/s Warranty
10 years
Install and Design
CEC accredited, 1 year warranty


Expected Output
122.1 kW/day
Expected Energy Yield
44,582 kW/year


Payback Period
3 years
Average Savings
$1,263/month (1st year)


Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
39 Tonnes CO2 per annum

Why Solar?

CDS Services contacted Suntrix and were looking for a cost effective way to control their electricity costs. Suntrix were able to design a solar system along with a finance package that gave CDS Services the outcome they were after.

Performance Results

CDS Services has reported excellent 1st quarter output results from the installation of its system. CDS Services recently received a negative bill for the period of Oct-Dec 13. This has resulted in them being cash-flow positive in relation to the monthly lease payments being made.

Following the initial 3 year lease period, CDS Services will receive long-term financial benefits.