Centennial Park (30kW)


Project Location
Pasadena, SA
Solar System Type
Grid Connected
Solar Systems Size
System Installed
September, 2013


PV Modules
120 x 250w CNPV Poly-Crystalline
Panel Warranties
10 years product
25 years performance
SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL (x2)
Inverter Warranty
5 years
Install and Design
CEC-accredited, 5 yr warranty


Expected Output
128.7 kW/day
Expected Energy Yield
46,977 kW/annum


Average Savings
$25855 per year


Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
39.6 Tonnes CO2 per annum

Why Solar

Centennial Park put a tender out to deliver 2 projects, one for their Chapels Complex, and one for their newly built Operations Complex at Pasadena.

The focus of Centennial Park was two-fold; first with an eye on financial savings and secondly with a focus on the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Centennial Park is a Carbon Neutral business and the installation of 2 x 30kw systems has helped Centennial Park reach their emissions goals.

Design requirements 

The design for Centennial Park was complicated by the fact that two systems were being installed at the same time; a 30kW system on both the chapel and the operations center. The chapel was also in operation for most of the time, so installations could only be performed a few hours a day on that location

The chapel roof included these 4 sawtooth roofs, which were at a 35 degree pitch and had glass along the back of the sawtooth sections. These variables are hard enough to work with, and were complicated further as they had to be installed at the peak of the roof, in landscape, and make it look completely neat and tidy since it was visible from inside the chapel.

The Suntrix designers were able to facilitated all the requirements for Centennial Park and these systems are due for commissioning in Feb 2014.