Land of Promise (30kW)

Suntrix did a great job for us. They made the process very simple and completed everything including the finance and installed a system which is giving us great savings. I have recommended them to others already and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. They even did a system for my home.

Leanne Cox, Owner


Project Location
Hindmarsh, SA
Solar System Type
Grid Connected
Solar System Size
System Installed
April 2013


PV Modeules
CNPV 205w polycrystalline
Panel Warranties
10 years product
25 years performance
SMA STP 10000
SMA STP 8000 (x2)
SMA STP 5000
Inverter Warranty
5 years
Install and Design
CEC-accredited, 5 yr warranty


Expected Output
108.8 kWh/day
Expected Energy Yield
39,690 kWh/year


Payback Period
4 years
Average Savings
$1300 per month


Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
32.35 tonnes of CO2 per annum

Why Solar?

Land of Promise contacted Suntrix early 2013 to quote on a suitable system to assist with their $3500/month electricity bill.

The Land Of Promise had just made the change to LED lighting and were looking for other long-term cost savings opportunities. Suntrix were able to show Land Of Promise how it can do this with solar whilst using $0 capital for the project.

Project Requirements

Suntrix designed a system to give the best outputs from a roof that was difficult to install on. There are seven different orientations used in the install and scaffolding, traffic management plan and council approval were needed for the Port Rd side of the building.
The electrical layout was complex due to the many roofs were used and 4 inverters were needed to complete the job.

System Performance

In the first 9 months the system has produced above 28,000kwh saving the hotel in the vicinity of $9000.