Murray Bridge RSL (30kW)

Suntrix have been great to work with from the first meeting. We had quite a few companies look at the projects, however Suntrix were by far the most professional, knowledgeable and they organised everything for us. From the finance contract, to the SA Power Network Connection and installation and commissioning of the 30kW system, thanks to Grant and the team at Suntrix.

Ray Duthie, MB RSL President


Project Location
Murray Bridge, SA
Solar System Type
Grid Connected
Solar System Size
30 kW
Project Installed
October, 2013


PV Modules
CNPV 250w Polucrystalline
Panel Warranties
10 years product
25 years performance
SMA Tripower 20000TL
SMA TriPower 10000TL
Inverter Warranty
5 years
Install and Design
CEC-accredited, 5 yr warranty


Expected Output
127 kWh/day
Expected Energy Yield
46,331 kWh/annum


Payback Period
4 years
Average Savings
$1,204 per month


Greenhouse gas (CO2) reduction
40 tonnes/annum

Murray Bridge RSL

Another Clubs SA member, the Murray Bridge RSL, has taken advantage of the great benefits that Suntrix can offer. Following recent installs at Salisbury North FC, Birkalla SC, Blackwood FC and Clubs SA head office, the RSL has recently installed a 30kw solar system at their new site on Ross Street.

Sustainable Focus 

As a community group, Murray Bridge RSL are an environmentally responsible organisation. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is a major focus of the club. Their recently built site has been designed and developed with energy efficiency in mind.

Why Solar? 

Murray Bridge RSL were originally looking for a small system to assist with the increasing power bills at their new site.
After explaining the benefits of the Solar Leasing Program, the RSL were able to install a larger 30kw system on a 4 year lease with zero capital outlay. The finance package will enable the club to remain cash-flow neutral over the next 4 years and then reap the huge financial benefits over the 20-30 years of system life. This is a great long-term investment for the club.

Project Requirements 

With an average consumption of around 150kWh/day, Suntrix advised a 30kW system installed parallel to the roof would be a simple solution for Murray Bridge RSL. The 30kW system would have a return on investment in approximately 4 years, with the current cost of power and conservative increases taken into account.

Outstanding Performance Results 

The system was installed in October 2013, with a Suntrix solution tailored to maximise return on investment and minimise the payback period. The system was designed to its optimum for the site and aspect, and it is already performing 6 per cent higher than the expected output. Currently the Suntrix system is covering 120% of the average power consumption and has directly saved the club over $4000 in electricity costs in the first three months. Overall, Murray Bridge RSL is thrilled with its decision to install a Suntrix solution. The club committee remains in regular contact with the Suntrix consultant and performance data is analysed regularly to ensure the system is working most effectively.