Energy storage


A Battery Energy Storage System, such as Tesla Powerwall, stores electricity produced by your solar system, so you can use the energy when you need it most. Energy storage is efficient, effective and ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Store electricity for later use, such as during peak power rates, blackouts or power interruptions
  • Want a back up power supply when the grid is down
  • Have power when they are not connected to the grid; i.e. businesses in remote locations
  • Businesses with refrigeration requirements including restaurants, hotels and cafe’s; where power loss can be costly due to product waste

You can find more information in our Guide to Battery Energy Storage systems, including the products we stock. If you are looking to purchase a system, please give us  a call on 1300 884 898 and one of our solar consultants can you talk you through the specifics, what rebates may be available and organise a quote.

Battery Energy Storage Systems