Finance options

Many businesses are eligible for finance and funding that can offset the cost of a solar installation.

Call Suntrix Commercial to learn more about options such as Government incentives and grants, some of which contribute up to 50% of the system.

Our staff can help you identify the best options for your business and assist with the application process.
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Reduce your operating expenses.
No risk, no extra cost

  • Swap your electricity bills to a lease payment for a new 10 – 30kW solar system
  • By partnering with SunTrix, you can install a solar system for the same or less monthly expense as you are currently paying for electricity
  • Reduce your operating costs, without increasing your capital expenditure
  • You can have your system paid off in close to 3 years and reap the financial benefit


Reduce your operating expenses.
No risk, no extra cost.

Why Lease a Solar System?

Features Benefits
Conserve cash flow
Plan your budget
  • Fixed monthly payments for peace of mind
  • Pay for your system as you use it
  • Forecast and manage your expenses more effectively over a fixed period
  • No set up fees or ongoing charges
Tax deductible payments
  • Equipment lease payments are typically a deductible operating expense for business tax purse
  • The apoctual cost is often less than the lease payments, meaning more tax dollars back to you.


Why SunTrix?

  •        We can have your system up in as little as 6 weeks*
  •        You will receive expert advice, great service and a customised solution
  •        We have in-house project engineers and project managers, CEC accredited designers and installers
  •        We are proudly South Australian owned and operated
  •        Solar is our core business
  •        We have leading warranties which are serviced locally
  •        We have partnerships with finance companies, offering competitive leasing options
  •        We do all the paperwork for you. Just one application form can get you instant approval

* Dependent on 3rd party factors and complexity of installation