Solar PV was a heat wave saviour!

24 January 2014


Victoria and South Australia have just gone through a week of very high temperatures and very high maximum electricity demand. There has been some debate as to what contribution, if any, solar PV has made. Our analysis shows that solar PV has made a significant contribution, being responsible for reducing peak demand by 4.6 per cent.

According to electricity demand data published by the Australian Energy Market Operator, the peak electricity demand occurred on Thursday, January 16 during the half hour commencing 4pm in Victoria (10,240 MW) and during the half hour commencing 6.30pm in South Australia (3246 MW). South Australia and Victoria are interconnected so, to properly assess the contribution of solar PV, we have considered electricity demand and PV contribution across both states.

So when the network is straining like it did, imagine if it didn’t have solar and you added another 5% load!

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