Mounting equipment

Suntrix utilise quality products and cost effective solutions with components sourced from reputable ISO9001 accredited manufacturers who offer value, performance, product reliability and market leading warranties.


Highly engineered Ballasted mounting systems secure the panel without damaging a flat roof.
Compatible with usual framed modules typically do not require roof penetrations. Made of lightweight and strong aluminium construction ballasted solutions are pre assembled to prevent corrosion and minimise installation time and labour cost.

Key benefits:

•    Easy installation
•    Compatible with most solar panels
•    Suitable for most conditions and can with withstand extreme weather

Ground mount

Ground mounting is ideal for areas where space is available such as open fields. These systems afford the steadiness and safety required for remote solar panel mounting.
Ground mounting systems can also be adjustable to maximise the efficiency of the panels. They can be adjusted seasonally making the most of year round sunlight. (For example in Winter the panels can be tilted upright to make the most of the sun when it is lower in the sky) Ground mounting also has the benefit of increased airflow around the panels keeping them cool and working to capacity.

Combined with different foundation solutions such as concrete with pre- buried bolt, direct buried and ground screw; ground mounting systems can be modified to suit the installation site.

Key benefits:

•    Excellent for outdoor remote locations
•    A solid mounting solution compliant with structural mechanics and construction acts
•    High grade anti corrosion material
•    Can be utilised for kilo-watt and mega-watt
•    Can be adjusted to make most of seasonal sunlight

Roof mount

Pitched roof racking systems are designed with great flexibility for commercial roof solar. They can be installed on both pitched tile and tin roofs and are suitable for installing framed and frameless panels flush to the roof. As they are pre assembled pitched roof mounts can save time on installation.

Key benefits:

•    Flexible for a variety of commercial projects
•    Pre assembled reduces installation time.
•    Can withstand extreme weather and meet international load standards


Mounts can also be installed on flat roofs. These racking systems are developed to mount the panels and tilt them to a certain angle. The angle can be adjusted to 10-15 degrees and 30-60 degrees depending on your requirements. Custom built and boasting structural strength and anti corrosive properties make these mounts ideal for flat roof commercial properties.

Key benefits:

•    Adjustable tilt system
•    Withstand extreme weather conditions
•    Enable air flow around the panel