With many different types of solar panels available on the Australian Market, Suntrix Commercial can recommend the best panel technology for your environment and requirements.

We take into consideration many factors when selecting panels including efficiency, heat tolerance, product and performance warranties and insurance warranties. It is also important that we know the work conditions and treatment of employees during manufacturing is of a high standard. At Suntrix we only use quality products.

Low LID –  The N-type doping of the NeON™ cells results in extremely low Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared with the standard P-type cells. This means more electricity generation over the life of the panel.

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Some of our panels include:

Mono-crystalline modules

  • Made from purified silicon
  • Distinctive white diamond look
  • Require minimal roof space
  • Lifespan 35-40 years

Poly-crystalline modules

  • Cast panels rather than crystal ingots
  • Blue in colour
  • Lower efficiency but better yield than Mono-Crystalline modules

 Solar Panels


Key Features:

  • 3% Positive tolerance – CVPV’s positive tolerance on label rating power provides higher kWh for money invested
  • ARC Glass – low iron, anti reflective coated glass gives 2% Energy gain
  • Triple Busbar – 3 busbar design cells modules ensures longevity and greater output
  • Cell&Module Matching – Matching gives 2% additional power gain measured at STC conditions
  • Independent Performance Verification – Independently verified by Photon and Öko-Test as amongst the best kWh/kWp output worldwide
  • Industry leading snow loading capacity
  • Degradation resistance
  • Accredited ammonia / salt mist resistance
  • Long term water vapour screening and increased heatsink
  • 100% Electro Luminescence
  • Unique frame – twist resistant frame design
  • Pre-approved with financial institutions and rapid capability ensures customers cost of project is reduced.
  • Audited controls for high value comsistency
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Fully committed to recycling during production and end product life a dedicated member of PV cycle
  • Friendly materials choice with high density packing
  • ISO14001 accredited
  • 10 years workmanship warranty
  • 25 years True Linear Warranty – highest power warranty coverage available on a linear basis
JA Solar

Key Features:

  • Higher power conversion efficiency, more power production per unit area
  • Higher conversion efficiency help you save transportation cost, installation cost, BOS cost
  • Enhanced spectral response at longer wavelength boosts low-light performance, which can produce more than 3% additional power compared with conventional module at system side.
  • Long-term reliability tests
  • Harsh climate environment endurance tests
  • PIO-resistance tests
  • Certified by TOV SOD and ETL
  • Industry-leading cell tecnology
  • High quality components from best suppliers
  • 100% in-house automatic manufacturing
  • 2X 100% EL inspection ensuring defect-free
  • Modules binned by current to improve system performance
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)
  • 12 years warranty

Key Features:

  • High module efficiency - Module efficiency up to 16.6% Cells efficiency up to 19.0%
  • Positive tolerance - Guaranteed tolerance +3%  Reliable power output
  • Strong compressive strength - Certified to withstand high wind of 2400Pa  and snow loads of 5400Pa
  • High manufacture standards - certified to high standards by the most reputable labs According to IEC:61215: IEC:61730-1/2
  • International Management System - Manufactured and certified according  to ISO9001, Quality management system
  • Fire test approved - Application class A,Safety Class ll,Fire Rating C
  • Excellent performance under extreme condition - High salt mist and ammonia resistance
  • Reliable quality forever Without potential induced  degradation(PID-free)
  • 25 year transferrable power output warranty: 10 years / 90%, 25 years / 80%
  • 12 year material and workmanship warranty
  • Linear performance warranty from SIMAX Powe

Key Features:

  • More than 20% Efficiency. Ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or where future expansion might be needed.
  • High Performance -delivers excellent performance in real-world conditions, such as high temperatures, clouds and low light.
  • Proven Value  – designed for residential rooftops, E-Series panels deliver the features, value and performance for any home.
  • Engineered for Peace of Mind – designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy over a very long lifetime.
  • Designed for Durability – the SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. Virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels.
  • #1 Rank in Fraunhofer durability test. 100% power maintained in Atlas 25+ comprehensive durability test.
  • High Efficiency – generate more energy per square foot  E-Series residential panels convert more sunlight to electricity by producing 31% more power per panel1 and 60% more energy per square foot over 25 years.
  • High Energy Production – produce more energy per rated watt High year-one performance delivers 7–9% more energy per rated watt. This advantage increases over time, producing 20% more energy over the first 25 years to meet your needs.
  • 25 Years Warranty.

Key Features:

  • 18.6% Maximum Efficiency
  • 60 Cell Monocrystalline module
  • 275-305 power output range
  • 0~+5W positive power tolerance
  • Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings: advanced surface texturing,  back surface field, selective emitter
  • Maximize limited space with top-end efficiency: up to 186 W/m² power densityUp to 186 W/m² power density, low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at high operating temperatures
  • Highly reliable due to stringent quality control: over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more), over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more), in-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements, PID resistant, 100% EL double inspection
  • Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions: 2400 Pa wind load, 2400 Pa wind load, 5400 Pa snow load, 35 mm hail stones at 97 km/h
  • 10 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Linear Power Warranty