Solar monitoring

myWatt monitor copymyWatt gives you a smart, low-cost solution to managing your total energy generation and use. The all-in-one product can be tailored for homes, businesses, schools and large-scale commercial.

An informative, compact and intuitive solution, myWatt provides key usage and generation reports in daily, monthly and yearly formats.

The Suntrix remote monitoring service also ensures you are notified (by text, email or phone) whenever your energy patterns change significantly. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your solar system is always working to its potential and your energy usage is within your defined limit.


mywatt commercial homeAt a glance, check the real-time performance of your solar system, plus compare your energy use and solar output on an hourly basis. Get a better understanding of your energy patterns during the day and identify the impact of key equipment on your usage.

Having a better understanding of your energy use and solar output can ultimately lead to lower costs and faster payback for your solar. Use myWatt to compare the performance of different inverters, meters or equipment.
Understanding times and days when your peak usage hits can then help you identify the reason for these peaks and work towards reducing them.


mywatt commercial inverter statusHow does it work?

The myWatt unit is usually mounted next to your inverter (for solar monitoring) and/or meter (for energy monitoring). myWatt connects to the cloud using the wireless or Ethernet service at your premises. Alternatively a 3G card can be used if internet isn’t readily available on site. Solar and energy data is retrieved from your inverter and/or main switchboard and stored remotely.


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