Suntrix Managing Director, Jenny Paradiso, named in the top 30 Australian Female Entrepreneurs

07 March 2014

As we mark International Women’s Day, SmartCompany has compiled its annual list of Australia’s Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs.

Each year, we celebrate the Australian female business owners who have been exemplary in their industries, are trailblazers and demonstrate inspiring and aspiring business journeys. This year the list generated a combined revenue of $6.127 billion.

That’s slightly down on last year’s list where the combined revenue was $6.452 billion last year and largely reflects the decline in the fortunes of Australia’s wealthiest person, Gina Rinehart. While Rinehart may have fallen from revenue of $2.37 billion to $1.986 billion she is still far and away the list leader. However, there are some extremely impressive business women in this year’s top 10.

There’s a new top 10 entrant this year, Sue Hollis, who has shot onto the list with a bullet and a revenue of $250 million from her corporate travel company TravelEdge.

Click here to see the Top 10 for 2014 and to see where Jenny Paradiso ranked.

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