About Us

Suntrix is Australian owned and operated, focusing on the commercial, residential and wholesale sectors of the solar industry. With consultants in most states we can assist your business to develop a sustainable solution to soaring energy prices.

Starting the company in 2009, Jenny Paradiso and David Hille were dissatisfied with the service and product offerings on the market.  Their desire for a quality product at a reasonable price and their commitment to helping customers understand their solar investment was the start of their new business – Suntrix.

Suntrix Commercial delivers a complete energy solution for your business.  We offer a diverse range of specialised solar PV products and services, plus complementary solutions to provide a holistic approach to energy management.  Our consultative approach will take your commercial solar project from conception to realisation, maintenance and beyond.

Not just another solar company, we provide you with:

  • Full turn-key solution
  • Comprehensive site audits
  • System design and consultation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Energy auditing and brokering
  • Power management solutions
  • Building-integrated PV (BIPV)
  • Solar and energy monitoring
  • Rent-to-buy and pay-as-you-go finance
  • Maintenance and panel cleaning
  • Peace of mind

One of the most awarded solar companies in Australia, Suntrix has been recognised as a leading organisation in both the electrical and business arena.